Seattle Fishing Co. - Who We Are

Seattle Fishing Company is a fishing gear shop that is focused on encouraging everyone from locals to visitors to get out and experience fishing on the great waterways of the Pacific Northwest. We work one-on-one with our customers who are looking for help with fishing advise, trip planning and tackle selection. We are proud to highlight products from many local fishing tackle makers. We have a passion for fishing and have personally selected the best equipment to offer here at our shop. We only sell what we personally use.

It's About The Adventure

It's about getting into exploration mode, seeking out new challenges, and the excitement of a new day and new possibility.

It's About The Determination

It's about the focus, the drive and the grit that is engrained in our passion for fishing.

It's About The Experience

It's the happenings, the places, and the people that secure these awesome days in our memories.

It's About The Reward

It's about finding what you came for.

Seattle Fishing - What It's All About

The identity of Seattle, Washington has always been associated with fishing. To be more specific, salmon fishing. A look around town at the fish markets at Pike Place, local native artwork portraying their people's relationship with the salmon, and nearly every city view being framed by water showcases that connection. In our minds, there is no better Seattle Experience than idling out of the marina at first light on the way across Puget Sound to a favorite salmon fishing spot.

Historically, Seattle was a salmon town. The true anglers kept their small boats at one of the many boathouses that dotted Puget Sound. Everyone else would show up and rent a boat for the day, cruise out a short ways, and even with a little bit of experience could usually count on arriving back at the dock with a salmon in the fishbox. A simple tackle box with a few fishing hooks, sinkers and line to match up with some fresh live herring bought at the waterside bait house, was all you needed. Sporting goods establishments and tackle shops with wood floors hewn from Old Growth fir in old brick buildings were found throughout the town. Salmon season was whenever there were salmon swimming within range.

Nowadays, Seattle is still a salmon town. Our boats are a little bigger and more comfortable, our marinas a little nicer, and our fishing gear a little more up to date. It's pretty amazing that even though our small city on the Sound has now grown to nearly 4 million people, our salmon returns are abundant enough to support a fledgling fishery. Get in on it!