Aerojig - Plain Jig Heads 3-Pack, 1/16 to 1/4 Ounce - Glow Pink

Hawken Fishing
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Glow Pink Steelhead Jighead. Round Head No Collar Jig Heads - Glow Cerise The Aerojig Plain Jig Head Series utilizes customized Gamakatsu hooks made with 1/0 wire. The added strength of these hooks will help you land that fish of a lifetime without the worry of hook failure. 3 Per Package 1/4 ounce = Size 1/0 Beak Point 1/8 ounce = Size 1 Beak Point 1/16 ounce = Size 6 Beak Point

Customized Gamakatsu Hooks with 1/0 Wire UV & Fluorescent Dyes & Pigments Powder Painted Heads With a Scent Free Finish Unpainted Eyes on Every Jig