Aerojig Twitching Jig Head 3-Pack, 3/8 to 1/2 Ounce - Purple Sparkle

Hawken Fishing
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So you want to tie your own Salmon Twitching Jigs but you need a super strong and incredibly shape frame to build on?  We have seven must have colors if painted twitching jig hooks for you to choose from  

Hawken Fishing is known for building the best products on the market and these twitching jig hooks are no exception. We tried Mustad Twitching jig hooks, VMC hooks, and even off-the-shelf Gamakatsu jig hooks. None of them were up to our standards. Losing a fish to hooks that bend out or are to dull to penetrate is unacceptable. We partnered with Gamakatsu to build a razor sharp 4x Beak Point hook that increases you hookup-to-land ratio and strong enough to land even the biggest of fish.  

If you are looking for the "THE ULTIMATE TWITCHING JIG HOOK." You won't find a better designed hook anywhere

Custom 4/0 Gamakatsu Beak Point Hook Holographic Flashabou Scent Pad Powder Painted Bullet Heads Premium Hyper UV Squid Skirts

The Aerojig Plain Twitching Jig Head Series utilizes customized Gamakatsu hooks made with 4X strong 4/0 wire. The added strength of these hooks will help you land that fish of a lifetime without the worry of hook failure.

3 Per Package

Sizes 1/2 oz, 3/8 oz