Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig UV Orange - 4oz to 16oz

Pitbull Tackle
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- A Compact Lure for all Types of Bottom-Dwelling Fish -

The Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is our best-selling jig and offers an enticing lure in a compact profile. This lure instantly proved itself to be one of the most effective lures Pitbull Tackle has to offer throughout the entire lineup. The design of the Bora allows for a streamlined profile which allows the bait to fall and dart through the water quickly. The profile of the bait is such that it appears to be a large and enticing meal for a hungry fish yet the hoochie and assist hooks allow the bait to collapse and move around which results in a higher hookup ratio and more bites. This jig is an excellent choice for rockfish, ling cod, halibut, and more!

The Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is constructed with our exclusive 6X GLOW paint which has proven to be the strongest on the market. Next we added UV paint to the lead jig in multiple colors. The combination of the Glow-in-the-Dark and UV paints gives the Bora Jig the highest visibility underwater to hungry fish. To learn more about UV-Enhancement click here. Simple as it may seem, the design of the head was carefully thought out as to be perfectly compact and hydrodynamic to make it an easy-fishing bait for any angler. The business end of the jig is a small UV-enhanced hoochie complimented by two super strong black-nickle assist hooks. The small hoochie is the real key of this bait as it offers a small, easy baitfish profile to hungry fish in places where a lure this small is typically not seen. A small Glow-in-the-Dark bead is used inside the nose of the hoochie to both keep the plastic in place as well as offer an additional attractant to nearby fish. The dual assist hooks, widely popular among anglers when fishing dense structure such as shipwrecks and reefs, are connected to the hoochie and offer improved performance when trying to avoid snags. Overall the Pitbull Tackle Bora Jig is a deadly-effective lure in a compact package offering any angler a new and exciting way to catch more fish.

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