Pitbull Tackle Twin Tail UV Root Beer - 5.5" to 8.5"

Pitbull Tackle
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- Offering a UV-Enhanced Version of a Classic Lure -

A staple for bottomfish and hungry predators, the Pitbull Tackle UV Twin Tail is a scampi-style twin tail swimbait designed to catch whatever predator fish lurks in the depths. The double tails give the bait incredible action while the durable plastic body keeps the bait intact fish after fish. These twin tails are designed as both replacement tails for the Pitbull Tackle Killer Jigs as well as stand-alone swimbaits. These Twin Tails were also poured with a hook-guide channel through the center body and an exit hole out the top which allows any angler to easily rig the swimbait straight every time. This ensures a clean and consistent presentation and keeps the bait rigged properly longer than traditional swimbaits. All Pitbull Tackle Swimbaits are enhanced with UV finishes, which allows for better visibility and attraction in the water. This blend of durability, UV-enhancement, and user-friendly rigging options offers any angler a huge step towards a more successful and productive day of fishing.