Simon Spin Dawg 3.0 - #17 Baboon Butt

Hawken Fishing
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Lighted Simon 3.0 Spin Dawgs will change the way you salmon fish forever. Trolled behind a 360 Flasher, the Simon Spin Dawg comes alive with a darting, rolling, crippled baitfish action that triggers a fishes predatory instinct to strike. 

After years of testing 3D printed spin-bait designs, the data collected unlocked the secret to this lure category. It's spin-rate NOT the bait inside the lure that triggers a strike. Gone are the days of fingers, hands, and clothes smelling like canned tuna. The inline, drag free design of the Simon Spin Dawg allows for a spin-rate that is almost identical to the Simon 3.5 spinners.