Grand Slam Bucktail 4" Herring Blue

Grand Slam Bucktails
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Grand Slam Bucktails are one of the most productive salmon trolling flies of all time. The is one of our go-to salmon fishing lures when we are trolling for Coho, Chinook and Pink Salmon. The 4” Herring Blue is a great choice if you are trolling for salmon behind a downrigger and want to imitate the primary forage of West Coast salmon… the Herring!

This lure has a durable epoxy head that is iridescent and has a beautiful finish. The FisHair and Crystal Flash body gives the lure a life-like shimmer in the water, coaxing up great catching! All patterns have glow materials built into the body, making them perfect for trolling deep or in hours of low light. This tube fly can be easily threaded on your preferred leader.