Pitbull Tackle Hot Tail Swimbait UV Hot Chartreuse - 5" to 8"

Pitbull Tackle
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We searched high and low for the best saltwater swimbait on the market, and found it with the Pitbull Swimbait. The UV Hot Chartreuse in 5 inch is a great choice for Rockfish, Lingcod and Albacore. Pick up a couple 6 inch and 8 inch for larger Lingcod and Halibut. We love the color selection and durability that Pitbull Tackle products are known for.

One of the most popular lures for bottomfish and other hungry predators, the Pitbull Tackle UV Hot Tail Swimbaits were designed to take swimbait fishing to the next level. Not only are these swimbaits offered in proven fish catching colors, but every Hot Tail swimbait is enhanced with Ultra-Violet (UV) colors both in the body of the bait as well as the underside belly/tail or "Hot Tail". This ensures that no matter where you're fishing them, these baits will be the brightest and most visible in the water. Every Hot Tail comes standard with a molded hollow hook guide through the center body of the bait which allows for straight and simple rigging every time; say goodbye to kinked and uneven swimbaits. Another feature which Pitbull Tackle designers included was the choice of plastic. Too often do hungry predators take a toll on soft plastic lures. There is nothing more frustrating than going through swimbait after swimbait as they tear or rip apart while fishing. The designers for the Hot Tails had this in mind as they created these baits from an ultra-durable plastic to ensure longevity in each bait. This unique plastic still allows for plenty of flexibility, and is complimented by a narrow section just before the over-sized tail which provides maximum kicking action through the water. When all of these factors are considered, it is easy to see why the Pitbull Tackle UV Hot Tail Swimbaits are a must-have in any anglers tackle box.

Pitbull Tackle UV Shad Jig Heads
Want to create the ultimate color-matched swimbait presentation like the one shown below? Pitbull Tackle also offers UV-enhanced jigheads which are designed to perfectly pair with the Hot Tails. Check out the UV Shad Jig Heads HERE