Leaded Crab Rope 5/16"

Pitbull Tackle
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- Leaded Crab Rope for Rigging Crab Pots -

The Pitbull Tackle Leaded Crab Rope is an essential item to have when tying up and rigging your crab gear. This rope is used for tying your crab pot to the floating buoy above on the surface of the water. The weighted lead rope causes the line to sink vertically below the float resulting in safer and more convenient rigging of your crab pots. When weighted rope is not used the excess crab line will float on the surface of the water which can be extremely hazardous to boaters and will result in tangling of your lines. Whenever you are rigging your pots, make sure to at least use leaded rope for the top 25% of your line at a minimum. Available in 3 different lengths, we have you covered no matter what depth you choose to drop your pots in.