Simon 3.5 Colorado Spinner - #10 Hex Copper Undertaker

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Simon 3.5 Colorado Spinner #10 Hex - UV Flame Slash on Copper

The 3.5 salmon spinner has been around for a relatively short time. It exploded onto the scene back in 2014 when a whopping 1.4 million Chinook migrated into the Columbia river and its tributaries. Since then, we have perfected the overall design, colors, and patterns making it the best selling and most sought after spinner on the market. 

This 3.5 spinner blade pattern (SSBH35010) can also be purchased in our Simon Spinner Blade Guide pack. These are perfect for anyone wanting to build their own spinners, worm harnesses, inline spinners, or soft spinners ("poor mans spinner").  

Features of these amazing Simon #3.5 Spinners: 

Seaker Treble Hook - Size 1 - Designed by Hawken Fishing Products
Premium Plating (24 karat gold, 99.9% pure silver, copper)
3.5 Spinner Blade (Colorado)
Hyper UV & Fluorescent Paints
Fluorescent Beads and Tubing